BOOM – Bitter


A few days ago a funny cartoon made me think a bit about bitterness.

It’s one of those words that has multiple meanings.

Applied to character it generally has negative connotations associated with resentment and an unwillingness to forgive.

We encounter it from time to time in literature. Dickens was a master of developing bitter characters but who can surpass the Grinch? Fortunately most make a turnaround and end up sweet as pie!


This brings us to the bitter sensation we taste. It is often associated with danger and is a warning signal that there may be some risks in eating a bitter material. Many cannot stand anything bitter yet others like it.

Why is that?

For sure it has nothing to do with ability to taste bitter. Working in product development we were trained to detect sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami and I was highly sensitive to bitter taste.

Yet beer, black coffee, limes, the quinine taste of tonic water you name it these are some of my favorite things. They all give a kick and light up the old brain!

Is this a genetic trait or is it an evolutionary carryover? After all there must have been some cavemen who were the taste testers. Just as long as I don’t keel over and die too soon!

Blessing # 355 – Refreshment

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