BOOM – Banquets


The Queen rolled out the red carpet today for President Trump. She is certainly very experienced in such diplomacy. Just wonder how she feels about such events.

Of course it is part of her role as head of state to play host and it must be with a sense of pride in her kingdom that she oversee every detail.

Does she enjoy the big dinners though or would she rather have a BBQ or a plate of cheese on toast?

The first big dinner I ever attended was the sixth form formal at school. It was held in a lovely hotel and was full of fun! All around were people I loved and laughed with. That was such a wonderful evening. Relaxed and memorable.

As a student I got to go to a few conferences and meetings and these usually entailed a fancy event that was very exciting too.

Later, thanks to work, many a banquet came my way in many parts of the world. The food was always fabulous and the settings palatial.

Many people would give their eye teeth for such an experience but give me informality any day.


There was always an element of anxiety within me before one of these work events. Who would I have to sit beside? What would I say? How long would it go on?

You’d think with experience it would get better but if anything it got worse.

It may sound ungrateful but it got old. Like it or not for the duration of the meal you were sandwiched between two people you may or may not know or like. Sometimes you got lucky and got to sit with some people who were hysterically funny. More often than not it was heavy and serious.

When it was over there was usually a short nights sleep thanks to too much food and drink before another day of work.

So much more enjoyable were the nights spent at a friends eating a home made meal or the treat of a night alone in a good hotel room with a tray of room service and the TV remote control all to yourself!

What’s your experience? What do you prefer?

Blessing # 356 – Casual Dining


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