BOOM – Baffled

DF4AF1D4-292F-4E7A-8B32-ABEFC7DA02B0.jpegDoes technology ever drive you crazy? There are few things make me more mad than not being able to get something to work!

This morning Krishna mentioned that he couldn’t see my blog post from yesterday on Facebook.

For some mysterious reason the connection that has worked faithfully went belly up.

My nose tells me that a certain teenager may have had a hand in this but he claims total innocence.

No matter what I do I cannot make  Wordpress and Facebook talk to each other again.

Was I sleeping when Facebook made some big changes? Anyone know what the error might be or how to fix it?


This is not a good omen or birthday gift for Booming Banter. The WordPress people have a link where you can chat with them and they tried to help but it’s a Facebook issue and they are impossible to reach!

Looks like the only solution I can find for sharing is a multi step approach.

So if you happen to see posts with the same content just ignore them. Put it down to age related wandering aka ancient surfing.

Blessing # 357 – A Long Way Home

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