BOOM – Butterflies & Bee


The rain and storms have beaten my summer plants down a little but everything is still alive and there hasn’t been a single day when I’ve needed to water.

That’s just fine by me. Bring it on around dusk please so it cools the air too before bedtime!

Usually on the back porch we have  annuals like petunias but this year for the first time the perennial Coreopsis went into the big pots.

The reason for this selection was simple they were on offer at Aldi and looked like a good way to save a lot of work planting.

They also are said to have very low maintenance and a great color. Even Better, thanks to a few break offs in the storms we discovered they’re very robust as a cut flower and last a good ten days!


Now to the best bit of all. They came with the promise that they would attract butterflies and bees and they have delivered nicely.

We’ve had a slew of bees as big as young birds and the butterflies have started too. Hoping this will continue all season as they are such important critters to cultivate for our beautiful blue planet.


This brought back memories of a little song that won the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest called All Kinds of Everything 


It was sung by a teenage girls from the Bogside of Londonderry one of the most troubled areas of the time. Her stage name was Dana and she was and is a sweetheart. She did so much good in our province and everyone from across the divide was delighted she won.


Dana went on to be a successful recording artist and later a politician. A robust performer in many ways just like our little patio flowers.

Blessing # 358 – Unexpected Winners


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