BOOM – Beaches


The coverage of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings has been extensive.

Many veterans who were so young at the time of the invasion, some no more than teenagers at the time have returned to France for the occasion.

Those who have been interviewed  seem reluctant to give details of what happened. The recurring message from relatives of those who are no more is that their loved ones who experienced the turnaround of WWII just didn’t want to talk about it.

No movie or TV can capture the extent of the loss of life that took place. Only a visit to the place itself can adequately do that. We went some years ago on a bright sunny day.


We weren’t wet and in the dark we saw the beauty of the extensive golden sandy beaches and everything thing was still.

There was no bombardment or sea turning red only cemetery after cemetery and thousands of acres of graves that went on forever.


Horrific and humbling. Terrible and touching. Unimaginable and unforgettable.

Blessing #359 – Lasting Impacts

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