BOOM – Bulgaria


A celebrity’s post this week about TV shows of the 70s made me think of a lovely little cartoon show that ran at that time in the UK.

It was sandwiched in between the end of children’s programs and the main six o’clock news. People of all ages watched it.

The theme was about a group of little creatures called Wombles whose mission was to keep Wimbledon common clean.

They were way ahead of their time when it came to messages about recycling and reuse.

Making good use of the things that we find things that the everyday folks leave behind!

The Wombles were cute and cuddly and each person had a favorite. Their fearless leader was Uncle Bulgaria and he kept those critters in check.

As we headed out today to a few rummage sales we are doing just that. How many things are dumped that could be reused? How much joy in finding a new home or new use of each little treasure.


We, like the Wombles, were organized and worked as a team. We found quite a lot of cute things. Even Aaron snagged a sail boat that he is going to restore. Well that is the plan will let you know when it happens! Dad surprise surprise got books!


Hope you enjoy this first episode from the first ever season and that this weekend you Womble Free


Blessing # 360 – Roly Poly Role  Models.

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