BOOM – Battling


Today was our monthly reunion with the Kairos graduates at the Ohio Reformatory for Women.

All of us who participate enjoy this time together reflecting on our faith and encouraging each other.

Some of the ladies have been incarcerated for many years. Typically when asked how they are doing their response is I am Blessed.

As volunteers we are humbled by the grace and faith of these women. Never more so than today.

One of the graduates is a woman in her seventies maybe even eighties and I have come to love her very much. She is an African American woman and has been in prison for many years.

I have no idea why she is there. It is most unlikely our paths would ever have crossed had it not been for Kairos. What I do know for sure is she is truly inspirational and it is an honor to know her. Today I sat with her which is always a joy.

She has been battling cancer for the past three months and today had a catheter in her arm with two ports. Her chemo is going well and she says she is confident that it will be successful because she has beat cancer three times before!

Each time I meet her I wish she could speak to all those outside the walls of this prison who are going through similar experience. Of course she can’t but I trust her determination and experience will be an inspiration to others on the same journey and will give them confidence to battle bravely and win!

Blessing # 361 – Soul Sisters

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