BOOM – D is for DADS


Well that worked out well to have D on Dads Day!

Its lovely to see all the posts of friends and family on this special occasion when we celebrate Fathers.

Some are young and having their first experience of this moment others are old hands at being Dads but will be thinking no doubt where did that time go since that kid was just a baby?

Aaron and his Dad do quite a bit together. Talk politics, shop, cook and take in the world.

Never though have they gone hunting. That is until today.

When Aaron came back from work he found a snake in the garage so off the two went to find the beast.


Alas it is still on the loose but has contributed to one of the more memorable Fathers Day “outings”

I’ve just finished reading Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. It is the sequel of To Kill A Mockingbird Bird. A surprising book it gives some more insights into one of the most iconic Fathers in literature Atticus Finch and the relationship he has with his daughter.


Aaron and I went to visit Monroeville where Harper Lee lived and wrote these books. This visit made the book even more impactful as it was so easy to picture the scene of each event.

The book uncovers differences in opinions between father and daughter and ends in a huge argument. It is most likely that each of us goes through a similar passage at some point in our lives.

What is reassuring is the role the childless Uncle Jack plays as peace maker. He explains that at some point all children see that their Father is human. This invariably involves some difference of opinion and some friction. The key according to Uncle Jack is to listen and not to run away!

Keep hunting if not for snakes for justice!

Blessing #369 – Growing Together


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