BOOM – E is for Eggheads


There is so much talk in the USA at the minute about low carb diets that we decided we’d give it a go as one of our family experiments.

We are not even for one moment attempting to go Keto and eliminate all carbs as we like our milk and yogurt too much for that.

For the past two weeks though we haven’t had any breakfast cereal, rice or pasta which is like a revolution in our house. Bread has been restricted to just a few occasions and we’ve had potatoes once.

It really is quite a challenge. We have been making morning smoothies, eating lots of salad which is good, fruit is limited largely to tomatoes, oranges and strawberries and we have gone nuts when it comes to snacking. Not a single potato chip, nachos or French Fry has passed our lips.

Desserts are a big challenge. We’ve had strawberries and cream so often we are unlikely to accept any invitation to a Royal garden party in the near future! Sugar free puddings are OK but we did crack a few times and eat ice-cream.

Meat of course is easy especially for a carnivore like Aaron. It’s the old ovoid option though that has become the new staple

We are boiling, frying, scrambling, omeletting even egg drop souping them! They are really quite versatile and with a good dollop of butter or blue cheese dressing quite tasty too.

So what do we miss most? Probably the pasta for Aaron, the rice for Krishna and the spud for me.

We are not counting calories and Krishna and I have stayed stable on weight but Aaron has dropped some. No yolks though we still plan to scramble to beat him through a combination of  diet and eggercise!

Blessing # 370 – Cracking Up!

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