BOOM – F is for Front


Aaron started work a year ago at a hotel about ten miles from our home.

He has worked the breakfast shift, been the pool cleaner, done housekeeping and even swept the parking lot during winter snows. Apart from one day when we had a level three snow emergency and he couldn’t leave the house he has never missed a day or been late.

His regular job on Saturday and Sunday is doing the laundry. These are usually busy days and sometimes he has to work overtime. He never complains.

Since school stopped he is now working a full forty hour week. Yesterday he was  excited because he is being trained on the front desk.

He was working night shift starting at eight in the evening and home at four thirty this morning. When he came home I heard the garage door open. He let Dibley out and when I sneaked in to check how it had gone. He was talking to Dibley telling him to be quiet and he’d see him later.

In just one year thanks to this job he has grown in many ways. Not just the basic skills of cooking, cleaning, making beds but also the growth in self confidence that he can make a living and work hard.

It makes us very happy for him and to see him grown into the lovely young man that he is.

Blessing # 371 – Life Lessons


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