BOOM – G is for Grass


Stop now if you think this might be about pot. It’s not.

With all the rain we have had in the past weeks we are now in the business of making hay.

The grass is growing so fast we can watch it get higher by the hour. Unfortunately we cannot get it cut or dried because the sun isn’t shining.

The sump pump ran a lot last night to keep our basement dry. Unlike many in the state we are fortunate to be just soggy not flooded. Good times for mushrooms and ducks!

Grass is amazing stuff. Would we or could we exist without it? The foundation of farming the grandparent of grain.

Most amazing of all the source of cellulose that the ruminants transform into energy and ultimately milk and meat.

As a Ph.D student I worked in the department of Agriculture and got very attached to the cows and sheep. Mucking then out was not so stinky as the hen house.

They were affectionate and sweet and got to know who’d give them a handful of grass or concentrate. Truly lovable.


Such huge and magnificent beasts it’s amazing that they can get by on grass alone all thanks to those four stomachs they have and the little bugs that live in them.

No one who has experience of ruminants can ever doubt the amazing gift of grass. That green ability to take suns light and convert it to energy. Miraculous!

Blessing #372 – Ruminations

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