BOOM – H is for Home


We all know the old adage Home is Where the Heart Is. So where would this be for you?

Is it the place of your birth or the place you live today? Maybe they are one and the same which makes it maybe easier to answer.


Some have had the chance to live in many different places even like us in many parts of the world.

Often the period spent in one of these locations was known to be of limited duration.

Whether it is for this reason or the fact that there are still many ties with family and friends in Ireland to this day I still refer to it as home.

As soon as a trip is booked I’ll call my besties in Belfast and tell them we’re booked to come home.

What is it we are looking for in that magical place? The familiarity of the accent, the ability to blend right in or is it something more primeval? One thing for sure growing up on a small island you come to know the smell of the sea.


No mountain in Switzerland or Great Lake in the USA or any tower in France or wall in China could ever be as dear as the Irish Sea to me.

Blessing #373 – Roots

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