BOOM – I is for Intercepted


The sun came out today but a big black cloud was over our house.

Last night as we were happily digesting our dinner, sipping a little beverage and watching some TV the phone rang. We all heaved the inevitable groan immediately suspecting our most frequent callers THE SCAMMERS.

I took the call which was fortunate as Krishna usually yells at people he doesn’t know.

The person on the phone said he was calling on behalf of Chase Bank and the reason he was calling was because there was some suspicious activity with our bank account.

I asked him what he needed and he explained he’d need my card number.

Of course I was reluctant to give him that so I asked if there was an alternative he explained I should call a number that he gave me and ask them to block our accounts and contact our bank as soon as possible.


Still suspicious I asked for his name and he told me he was Homer. Was he joking?

I asked where he was calling from and he said the Philippines. The fact that he gave me his name, albeit a funny one, and that I recognized he had an accent that was indeed from the Philippines added credibility to what he was saying so I thanked him for his advise.

Immediately I contacted one of the  local bank mangers we know well. He replied immediately saying as soon as the office opened in the morning he’d make sure we were safe.

So good to his word he called this morning and said that Homer was for real and had stopped an attempted fraudulent transfer. Now we needed to get to a bank branch quickly and close all our accounts.

Off we went to our usual branch and our manager there stopped what she was doing and gave us her full attention. It took a while but we got everything closed and this is where dear Krishna’s record keeping again came to the fore. We were able to go though all payments of the past months without tearing our hair out.


Lessons for all of us listen carefully even if you suspect the call may just be a scam! Be gracious to everyone. Be vigilant to anything suspicious and change your passwords often!

A long story that you just couldn’t make up!

We are so grateful to Homer and all at Chase who helped us today. So impressed with all they did to protect us. Let us all pray this Odyssey is over.

Blessing # 374 – Checks and Balances

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