BOOM- J is for Jumble


Yesterday was stressful  today was a joy.

Sunshine, Zumba and the best of all a good old Church Rummage Sale.

In the UK we call them JUMBLE sales. If you look at the origin of the term it is a Confused Mixture. You have things jumbled up but do you Jumble? No you Rumble in the Jumble.

Thats what we did today and we found some absolutely precious little beauties.

The best of course is Irish! It is a small Belleek China plate that is so fine it is transparent.

Other little treasure that will eventually find their way to the shop are a cute dog pot holder that resembles a certain person not two inches from my feet and a tiny little beer stein that is a reminder of the critters who call our yard their home.

of course we couldn’t leave without a few books or a few angels.


Leave you to work out  who got what!

Blessing # 375 – Sunshine after the Rain!

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