BOOM – K is for Kipper


Bet there are many youngsters out there who think that Kipper is a cute cartoon character.

They may never have experienced the orange delicacy that is a well smoked herring.

Come to think of it our Aaron has never had a kipper. We’ll sort that out when we go on our tour of the UK this summer along with the already planned haggis!

My Dad was very partial to a feed of these fish on a Sunday morning. He didn’t get them that often only on a special occasion like the holidays or birthdays.

Of course being a man of robust appetite not just a single serving would suffice. He could pack away a whole plate full with a few farls of soda bread on the side.

My Mum would fry them up on a big iron pan and she and me would have a couple too.

They are salty little demons. In fact the noun comes from the very Kipper that means to salt. With all their good fats though they must still be good for you.

Their little bones kinda get between your teeth that’s why a good piece of well buttered soft bread is needed to help them slip down.

The whole house would smell fishy and smoky for days after the breakfast bonanza but that never put us off.

They were also served up in the Guest Houses where we stayed when we went to the seaside. Somehow they didn’t seem to cause the same stink there but maybe the kitchen had extractor fans that were way beyond us.


Who eats kippers today? Shout out if you have had one in the past week and we will honor you as a true and Booming Brave Heart.

Blessing # 375 – Tasty Travels

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