BOOM – L is for Little


Today we have had a lot going on that at first appearance seemed to be linked to bad fortune.

First because of our issues last week we had to apply new protections and passwords to all our devises. In so doing we discovered that Krishna’s ancient phone that he had inherited from Aaron had suffered a catastrophic fail. 


The poor thing had been lying uncharged for so long that when we attempted to resurrect it only half the screen took a breath. So after an infinite number of hard reboots we decided since he never uses it that we should cancel his part of our mobile plan.

Consumer Cellular our dear provider was as always fast and efficient and without problems disconnected him. So a little savings incurred.


This made us think also about our landline phone. Most calls that we get or make on it now are either scam or are all local. Homer being an important exception. For international connections all our friends and family use WhatsApp.

Since we will need to contact Dad when we are away in the UK and he now has no mobile device we to text we decided we will train him on FaceTime or What’sApp on the iPad which he likes using. So why do we need international access on the landline?


Next up it’s obvious we call Spectrum the cable and land line phone provider and discuss the situation with them. Again we fall on someone who is most helpful and walks us line by line through our entire bill not just the phone service but the internet and cable too. Thanks to them we again manage to save a little on all counts.

As Aaron is working late shift today we then go to the bank to fix his account that was locked down like ours and discover yet another little perk for better interest rates. We are on a roll!

Not a bad day albeit one brought on by what initially might seem like problems. Every cloud as they say has some silver lining. Oh and the icing on the cake while we were doing all this gas prices fell ten cents a gallon!

Blessing # 376 – Little Means a Lot

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