BOOM – M is for MASH


This morning on the way back from Zumba a squirrel ran out in front of me.

They are everywhere around us and they have this cartoon like character that makes them adorable even if thy wreck havoc.

They run into the road, stop, look at you, hesitate for an instant and then take off at great speed. Locals will endorse what I’m describing.

The speed limit in our subdivision is 25 mph so the critter got lucky but the thought crossed my mind that if he’d been a split second earlier he’d have been mash!


Yeh thanks Nutkin you gave me my topic for today!

MASH! When you hear that word what comes to mind for you?


Maybe the long running TV series on the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital that made us laugh so much.

Maybe the weaning food we give our babies or the food we have when we have teeth problems or have no longer teeth at all.

We mash many things but who’d want to eat mashed food all the time? Even babies after a few splutters and spits give it up.

There is of course that MASH that is the exception to the rule and that has become synonymous with the word itself the super special spud.

In Ireland we take it to a whole new dimension and transform it with the addition of a little green into a food of dreams. We call it CHAMP. Look it up and try it.


It may not quite fit the profile of what Hippocrates had in mind when he said we should make our food our medicine and our medicine our food but it is the stuff of legend and the nectar of the God’s.

Blessing # 377 – Medics and Medicine

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