BOOM – N is for Nineties


Today we hit that magic number that leaves no doubt we have a summer. The thermometer passed 90F for the first time this year!


In the UK we rarely reach these dizzy heights but we have a delight known as a 99 that is the essence of summer itself.


It’s a soft serve ice cream with a Cadbury’s chocolate flake stuck in it. On a day like today the ice-cream runs down your arm as you made your way through the flake.

How it got the name 99 is debatable. Perhaps linked to the address of the ice cream parlor where it was invented or alternatively the number of guards who served the king of Italy. Or maybe just because if you get a big enough one it kills any fever!

It’s a respectable and noble use though of the number 99.


This is so often not the case. Why on earth do retailers use the number so often? Is it a psychological trick?

Who among us is taken in by an item labeled 9.99! Or worse still 99.99!

What do you think and what on earth do you do with all those pennies?

Blessing # 378 – Sweet and Sour


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