BOOM- O is for Olentangy


We live beside a beautiful river called the Olentangy that today gives its name to our school district too.

The river supplies us with water that thankfully is purified before it runs from our taps. If we were keen and skilled there is no doubt it could also be a source of food and was for sure in the past.

The river curves it’s way south to Columbus where it joins the main Scioto River that in turn still further south joins the great Ohio River and finally the mighty Mississippi.

”Our” river has quite a quirky name but that is nothing in comparison to its original KEENHONGSHECONSHEPUNG !

Of course as you all will know, in the language of the native Delaware Indians this means “sharp tool river”. I just love this because it is such a give away for what the river was valued for in addition to the obvious.

The Delaware came to Ohio from the North East and give our county and the county seat their names. They had a few challengers for the territory most notably the Wyandotte Indians from Quebec who had migrated south.

Early European settlers decided the name of the river was just a teeny bit complex. None of them must have come from Wales! So they called our river the Whetstone. Not quite as explicit as the Delaware’s choice but still the link to pebbles.

Some time later the decision was taken to revert to an Indian name and Olentangy was chosen.

This name again gives clues to more of the assets in the river as it means Red Face Paint Stones. I’ll know where to go then if I’m ever in need of a little rouge!

Thank goodness no one found gems or gold or we’d not be here today!

Blessing # 379 – History Rocks

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