BOOM – P is for Picture


P is also for POOL and pool season means lots of reading under the rays.

As always trying to include a few classics and the first this year is Oscar Wilde’s PICTURE of DORIAN GRAY.


Many people know the plot. A Picture of a beautiful young man ages in the attic while the subject remains as youthful as the day it was painted but falls into spiritual and moral decline.

Today with the apps we have on our phones we too can modify our pictures. We can smooth out wrinkles and make ourselves look years younger if we choose too.

We can even take it a step further and chemically or physically erase the passage of time.

We can be superficially kind and gentle and virtuous.

To what end though if we are not?

As Dorian discovered happiness is not found in a fountain of youth or in even the greatest self indulgence. It is the ability to love that makes the difference.


The book came with a copy of the Ballad of Reading Gaol another Wilde work I’d never read.


In it dear Oscar shows his capacity for love in his empathy for the man who was hanged in the prison beside him. Unconditional!

Blessing # 380 – Love First

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