BOOM – Q is for Questions


We use questions ever hour of every day. They are the back bone of most conversations and communications.

How can I help? Are you well? Is it hot? Where are you going tonight? Who is Susie dating now? And of course the inevitable what do you want for dinner?

Questions are used to solve problems. In science and technology we use a technique called Five Whys and How. Try it if you haven’t used it. By the time you get to the forth why many problems are solved or you have lost a friend!

Whats your BIGGEST question? Is there something that comes to your mind now and again that you just cannot shake.


Mine is ARE WE ALONE? You may say it doesn’t matter but it does for me. I’m pretty sure we are not.


When you think of the scale of the universe and relate this to something earthy like the gut micro flora it is reassuring to see similar trillion numbers.

Share your BIG Questions

Blessing # 381 – Unending?

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