The first thing that came to mind for II was Intel Inside. The story of Intel is legendary. It’s the heart of information technology. The first commercial microprocessor and the timing and alignment of its launch with the growth in personal computing was a stroke of genius.

Intel stands for INTigrated ELectronics a perfect fit for what the product delivers. However when the founders tried to trade mark the name they found it was already owned by a hotel chain. So convinced where they that the name was a perfect match with their vision that they ended up buying the trade mark.

II of course is widely used as a suffix for Kings and Queens and your more run of the mill aspiring empire builder.


When thinking of a SECOND many will think of our current Queen Elizabeth. The one though that always pops into my mind is Charles II. Not sure why this is because he is not a particularly favorite.

Maybe because he was the come back King! Maybe it’s all down to Nell or maybe just his hairdo!

Do you have a favorite second?

Blessing # 401 – II Chances

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