Most everyone young or old will be familiar with cc as it’s on every email we send and man do we send plenty of those!


Some will know this stands for Carbon Copy but many out there will never have seen a typed let alone a handwritten carbon copy. Alas I fall into the age group that is familiar with both.


Other  things that came to mind with CC was cubic cylinders. This has something to do with engine capacity and that is all I wish to know about that not being inclined to dive deep into physics, mechanics or engineering.

The term was extremely important to me though in my formative years as I pursued young men with motor bikes. My first boyfriend who owned a motorbike had a Honda 75CC  it was a bit like a glorified hairdryer. When I got on the back it went about thirty miles an hour.


Soon I graduated to a boy who had a CZ100 it wasn’t the most desirable of modes of transport so he was replaced by a guy with a Honda 125. We stuck together for quite a while and he progressed to a Honda 400 Four. Now that was a sweet machine!

The thing though that CC means most for me is a soft drink company local to Northern Ireland. One C is for Canterell and the other for Cochrane and they make the worlds greatest orange soda simply called Club Orange.


C&C has a great advert in the 1970s showing a kid sitting under a tree guzzling a drink. The punch line of which was I’m Glad I’m Down Here With A Big Bottle. I sure could handle one of those right now. Just a few weeks and we’ll be popping one!

Blessing # 392 – Copies in Time

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