5B8009F7-E0EF-4454-98C1-BFEBEC662A6E.jpegWell it could be that you are a doctor of divinity so DD would be so obvious for you. Don’t think I know any of those unless you haven’t confessed to it!


Maybe you have a darling daughter or two in which case DD would be text speak when you make reference to her.


The young or young at heart among you who go out partying may well be in need of a DD. Or if like Aaron you are an 18 year old living in the USA who cannot have a beer until you’re  21 you’re automatically the DD designated driver for your parents! At last!!!

Most ladies will have thought of a bra cup size! Some will have it yet wish for something smaller. Others like me will only ever have dreamed of it!

Majority of you though will have smelt the coffee and dunked the donut. The colorful, unpretentious and enduring morning place for a good cup of Joe and a simple sweet wins the day and hits the right spot with sprinkles and sparkles!

Blessing # 393 – Divine Delights

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