As an abbreviation the only thing that rung a bell for me was Electrical Engineer. Admirable people but a profession that’s not my cup of tea. Can you think of something else?


In our household we are very familiar with EE shoe fittings as both Krishna and Aaron have very broad feet.

We spend inordinate amounts of time looking for EEs or even EEEs. Many shoes have been bought that last just one or two outings because while they seemed OK in the store they pinch on an outing.

If your from Scotland EE might be your way of saying eye.


If your from Yorkshire it’s an alternative to a swear and commonly used by the famous Yorkshire lass Miss Gracy Fields.


First thing that crossed my mind though was the adorable Eeyore. He is the hero of Aaron’s girlfriend and such a wise critter. In spite of his droppy look he is bright and colorful. Who doesn’t love Eeyore!

Blessing # 394 – Wide Eyed Wisdom

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