Well FF beat me as the only thing I could think of was swearing and you can’t banter about that to a broad audience can you?

Did you think of anything?

After a google to find what’s out there the conclusion was it seems fairly limited.

There will be a huge reward for anyone who comes up with something good!

For the medics among you there is Forced Fluids. That’s even worse than swearing. Takes you back to days of suffragettes.


For the online game players like a certain resident of this house there is a popular game called Final Fantasy but it can’t be that good because game boy himself has never heard of it.


On the social media platform Twitter # FF means follow Friday which allows you to recommend a notable feed of the past week.

FF also means Fast Forward for the DVD watchers among us and for the reader a starting point followed by a reference with unspecified end!

Blessing # 395 – FF to No End


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