So many of you found good solutions for FF. Anne was the most prolific with suggestions so is officially the WINNER! Not sure what she’ll get but it will be unbelievable!!!!!

GG was so easy compared to FF.

First up the GG that stares every girl in the eye in her dreams. The ever elegant always chique and timeless Gucci bag.


The poker players among you will be familiar with GG as the way to sum up and close a Good Game.


Girls with names starting with G may well have been nicknamed GiGi just like one of today’s social media icons.


Some of us will remember the movie of the same name that won an Oscar and that starred the beautiful Lesley Caron.


The GG though that means most for me is horse racing. It’s not that I’ve any love for the sport myself but my Dad absolutely lived for it. He studied the form, was very knowledgeable about the sport and always dreamed of going to the big races. The Classics as he called them!


He made it once to Epsom and to the Curragh a few times. Secretly though he wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby. If only he’d been around today he would not believe that we are only three hours drive away.

No doubt he’s met his hero Lester Piggott in heaven by now and maybe his adored Nijinsky too! Or even the immortal Sceptre who was really a GREAT GIRL!

Blessing # 396 – Fine Fillies

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