There is some continuity with yesterday’s GGs. HH is a measure of a horses height! No need to dwell on that though. They are BIG and we have more important HHs to talk about.


HH is an abbreviation for something very small but so important; the measure of hemoglobin and hematocrit that tells if all is A-OK with your tiny red blood cells.


Sad to say that for a quarter of the worlds population this is not the case and they are anaemic. Many of these 1.7 BILLION people are children under five.

Anaemia is often the result of a dietary deficiency of iron and or certain vitamins. This is generally associated with a poor diet brought about by poverty.

It means low attention spans, fatigue and lethargy. In child bearing women it also means risk of prematurity and low birthweight. So children born in poverty, deficient in essential nutrients, will have multiple hurdles to jump to lift them out of this viscous cycle.


Bodies like the World Health Organisation, the Gates Foundation and the Elders are doing such admirable work driving fortification strategies to reduce and hopefully one day eliminate this huge health and social problem.

HH the Pope is also playing a major role here. He has been very vocal on the absolute responsibility we have to address poverty. Who could disagree with his position that Hunger must have no present and no future only a past


The HH though that has and will likely continue to have the greatest impact on global change is the Hand Held. That little device that is so accessible and offers so much to so many.

As this screen shot of my HH shows it provides education, maths, music, health, literature, alternative to pen and paper, entertainment and community. This little thing has got it so much to offer so many.

It’s opening door of opportunity and without doubt will play a critical role in driving forward so many of the millennium goals.

Blessing # 400 – Elements of Hope

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