Fortified with more haggis in our Full Scottish Breakfast we took the high road out of Perth.


Our destination Balmoral and specifically the little Crathie Kirk. We wanted to attend the church where the Royal Family worship.

We were warmly received and joined the small congregation. To our delight the Queen was there. She’d arrived yesterday at Balmoral a bit earlier than the rest of the Royal Family for their annual vacation.

It was such a lovely service with great music and message. We sang my Mums favorite hymn and also, with gusto, The National Anthem God Save The Queen.


Afterward we were able to say a word of appreciation to the violin player Mr P Anderson for the beautiful three pieces he had played! He told us he is a great lover of Northern Ireland and often plays there too.


After visiting a few Balmoral sites including the resting place of Queen Victoria’s special friend gillie John Brown and picking a few wild raspberries we headed off again across the mountains to Inverness.


As we went through whiskey country we thought of Dad and missed him. We saw the bonny purple heather and to Aaron’s  delight we met his much sought after highland cattle. Now we are in Inverness taking in the beauty of the town on the river  and looking forward to another day of surprises and joy.

Blessing # 413 – Days to Remember


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