There are a few nasty things that KK could be associated with but they don’t deserve any word and are best ignored, ideally destroyed.

The first KK I thought of was the BIG gorilla KING KONG. The movie has been remade several time but the only one I’ve ever seen is the old classic.

Best thing about the movie was also the worst. It gave everyone a taste to go see the Empire State Building where the poor soul met his demise.


A gorilla would never cross the mind of guys like our Aaron if asked what KK means. He’d tell you it’s text speak for everything is OK.

Maybe if he was online gaming he’d go one step further and stay it is OK Kool! For sure when he says with exasperation K I get the message that he understood me!


Indian family and friends might think of the popular singer that I must confess I’ve never heard of because my Krishna is not the sort to listen to pop.


No matter where you are in the world you’ll know the name of Kim Kardashian. Love her or not there is no doubt she is gorgeous and clever.


KK may mean you hit the jackpot and are a millionaire

In which case you’ll be expected to buy a ton of KK treats to share!

Blessing #403 – KK is Sweet

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