Those inclined to numbers will attach much significance to LL! Particularly if they are statisticians looking for what is and isn’t a true difference.


The medic or the nutritionist might think of the LL as the lower limit for a drugs effectiveness or the safest minimum level for an essential component like a vitamin in the diet.


Sporty types especially here in the USA will remember their Little League days.


That wasn’t so long ago for Aaron but his Leg Length has stretched a lot since then.

When I see LL together the face of the Llama leaps out.


The village where we lived in Switzerland had a lovely little zoo replete with a herd of Llamas.

Eventually the herd grew so big most of them were moved to a farm and ran around the fields like young goats.

One day when we were at the zoo with some friends there were some people standing close to us by the Llamas.

They were nasty people and were being mean to the animals teasing them with handfuls of grass and then pulling this away. All of a sudden one of the Llama who must have been the boss man had had enough. He came running at them and I kid you not he spat straight in their faces.


We were mesmerized but we couldn’t resist Laughing Loud. You should have seen those people slinking away.

Blessing # 404 – Getting the LL!(Last Laugh)

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