The OPEN was live today from Portrush Northern Ireland. It was so wonderful to see the homeland in all its glory and to hear all the commentary about the hospitality and beauty of the country. This is brilliant for tourism and the economy and it makes me so happy.


Those golfers need mm precision to get that little ball where they want it and maybe a little luck too for a hole in one.


Here in the USA the mm is foreign as the Système International (SI) for units of measure has yet to be adopted. We’re still working in inches, pounds, gallons and so on. This always amazed me. Why, when all over the world people have gone metric does the USA still hang on to the past yet was one of the first countries to have a metric system of currency! Very weird.

Mind you for the US golfers at the open they will feel right at home in Northern Ireland for we, as part of the UK, still hold on to miles as our measure of distance!

Cross the border to the Republic of Ireland and you move to kilometers. How confusing is that? Let me tell you it is especially so if you hire a car in the Republic and have to convert your speed to miles as I often do!

Enough now of mm and on to the much more serious topic of  small four legged critter!  All MICE seem to have names that start with M. We have Mickey, Minnie and my own favorite Mighty Mouse. Which MM do you like most?


Finally the most important topic of all the M&M. We love them all but if you haven’t met the new jalapeño one yet you have got to try them. I got two big family bags for Mothers Day that were devoured in no time and went straight from the lips to the hips!


Mars and Murrie created not just a great confection they created characters too.

We went to an auction today in the 100F (38C in SI speak) heat and what did we encounter but a whole truck load of M&M memorabilia.

Didn’t quite fit with my booth so we didn’t bid but certainly confirmed the subject of the day just had to be sweet!

Blessing # 405 – Morish Munchies

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