Man what a day for the island of Ireland. Shane Lowry is certainly a very happy man entering the history books.

He will never be an NN nomen nescio or unknown name again!

B120139E-1551-4B31-8710-1506E69FE575Makes you think though how far back you can go in your own history.


Some years ago my cousin Vicki organized a family reunion. We didn’t make it because our niece was getting married at exactly that time. Vicki managed to trace back the family tree to five generations. Quite something!

I don’t know much though about my fathers side of the family but then again I didn’t loose any sleep digging into it.


This brings us to the more commonly used NN the night night  in text speak!


Made me think of goodnight moon and other stories that Aaron liked when he was little and of a little rhyme my Mom would say to me.


Bet Shane will not need too much rocking tonight to nod off.

Blessing # 406 – Sound Sleep

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