BOOM – OoO (-2)

0C287CFD-BE02-4BDF-B02C-130BF0206F3B.jpegThere is only one possibility for OoO and that’s Out of Office!

As Aaron and I are taking off for the UK on Wednesday the timing of OoO could not be better.

One lesson learned from years of travel and missed connections is get by with hand luggage only.

This has become an obsession and fortunately it is one that Aaron is happy to adopt.


I have a great dislike for suitcases. They are cumbersome and encourage you to take much more than you need. In particular, if you are moving around from one place to another as we will be, they are a pain to haul in and out of cars.

So what to use instead? It’s got to be a little black bag. My love affair with this treasure has been ongoing for many many years. It is light as a feather, can be stuffed to the gills and fits under even the smallest airline seat. It can serve as a pillow an even a foot rest.

The little black bag is all we’ll have for three weeks apart from my handbag (purse) and Aaron’s back pack!

It’s a fun challenge to get by with just this. Anything superfluous has to be removed! Downsize everything to the smallest denomination. Why take a big bottle if a small one will do!

All essentials like contact lenses, specs, tickets and travel documents must be taken though. So a check list is vital. Last year we were half an hour from home when we realized Aarons’ contact lenses had been forgotten!


Only essential clothes are possible but for a tour of all of the UK this means being prepared for all weathers. We’ll have four changes of clothes from inside to out including T-shirts and sweaters, trousers and shorts, swim wear and rain wear and a few dressy items for a fancy outing or two!

Of course this means we’ll need to wash our clothes as we go along and some people might think this is madness but honestly it is liberating and better than  trailing laundry around with us for weeks.

With just one or two nights in each of the places we plan to stop we may well have to transform the car into a mobile clothes dryer.

Trust us though while there may be a few odd outfits there will not be any offensive odors 

Blessing # 407 – Travelling Light

2 Replies to “BOOM – OoO (-2)”

  1. I have always wanted to do a course in packing. I remember Canadian relatives coming with just back packs and wondering how they managed as always seemed to have a different outfit on. Meanwhile I am still packing the kitchen sink!!!


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