BOOM – OoO (-1)

Aaron was working nights yesterday so he went with his Dad for a haircut. This is usual for them before leaving on vacation even though Krishna is staying home to take care of Dibley.

Usually while we travel Dibley stays at his Pet Hotel and Spa where he is pampered and also has his hair done.

Dibleys hair has got quite long even though it is now very thin because of his Cushings.

Krishna was worried that in this heat he would be suffering but his groomer at the Spa was booked out solid till September.

So Aaron and I decided we’d take on the challenge ourselves. Out came the clippers and the scissors and we got to work.

Don’t know if you’ve ever tried to cut a dogs hair but it takes a lot of skill that I don’t have. The furball was very amenable though so he must have felt the need.

He looks dreadful. He has lots of these lumpy bumpy things all down his back that are part of his ailment.


He is almost completely grey and the hair on his tail has fallen out so much it looks like a rats. Now add to this the slips and trips made by me with the shears and he is a right royal mess.


His torture and bath was no sooner over that we see a post from his spa saying that they have an unexpected opening at 7:30 am today for the groomer!

We didn’t tell him!


No doubt though he will take revenge by peeing on all my pot plants that have been moved to the patio so Krishna can easily water them. Let’s hope he’ll stay cool!

Blessing # 408 – Hair Grows Back!

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