BOOM – OoO 2

We had a good flight and I got to watch Bohemian Rhapsody which was a treat. We had a few hours sleep and landed on time.

The day was not without frustrations though.

First when we got to Eurocar we found that collision insurance was not covered in the booking we had made though RentalCar.Com.

Result is that we ended up paying as much for insurance as we had already paid to for the car and third party coverage

Anyway a costly lesson learned and no more or Eurocar again for us! Maddening!

It is a momentous day here in the UK. A new prime minister and the hottest July day ever recorded at 38C / 100F in London! Don’t think the two are related but Boris may be the cause of a few raised temperatures in the weeks ahead!

We decided to keep the Queen theme going and visited Windsor before heading to Cambridge. That worked out well. Her Majesty was in residence as the standard was flying but she didn’t ask us to stop for tea which was disappointing!


The journey from Windsor to Cambridge was less than stellar. I’d forgotten how many traffic jams there are around London and we hit a lot of them. Our ancient satellite navigation system failed to work so we were on a wing and a prayer getting to Cambridge. One jam took one hour to move one mile! The stuff of nightmares!


A piece of luck was that we accidentally ran into Runnymede so got to see the place the Magna Carter was signed which impressed Aaron.

It took forever to get to Cambridge and then we got lost in the town. There are so many road works we ended up going round in circles and eventually down a bus and pedestrian only street! With all the cameras they have we will no doubt get a fine too! By now we were frying!


From here on in things rebounded to be good with a beautiful place to stay called Madingley Hall. It is great because it is a real University dorm and full of character but outside the main town so lovely gardens and most importantly PARKING!

We visited the colleges and backs after a few set backs and paid hommage to Sidney Sussex Dads alma mater.

Now we are sitting eating and drinking and looking forward to a horizontal position shortly.

Blessing #410 – Ups, Downs, Fronts and Backs

One Reply to “BOOM – OoO 2”

  1. Sorry to hear about your ‘car’ experience. However, put that behind you and enjoy every moment. I added a few comments to your Facebook pictures but forgot to sign my name! So, here is another through Boom-Boom Banter! Krishna Anantharaman…


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