BOOM – OoO 3


We had our first BIG British Breakfast this morning at Madingley Hall. It was delicious and it was fun to sit in the dining room with some students who’d come to do a short course on creative writing.

The Hall was built in Tudor times and there are lots of original features that are so well preserved. We were tickled to know that’s Queen Victoria had rented the hall for The Prince of Wales (later Edward Vll) as his place to stay when he was a student at Cambridge. Pretty sure he had no better breakfast than the one we had today.


This set us up for our drive and day in York. It was so easy getting there and getting around and we loved the city very much.

So much history at York Minster from Roman times till now and quite a lot of links to people called William.

There is the Conqueror of course but also a Prince William and a Saint William who are both buried there and William Wilberforce who did some saintly work himself to abolish slavery.

There are many treasures too including the York Gospels and the cross of Czar Nicolas. Definitely well worth a visit.

We are spending the night in a lovely B&B in the heart of the East Riding of Yorkshire to get a feel for the country as well as the city.

A good dinner at the local pub and a of course a little BITTER!

Blessing # 411 – Saints and Scholars and Some Sheep!

One Reply to “BOOM – OoO 3”

  1. I am jealous – wish I were there with you two for a stay in a good old British B & B. Never been in East Riding. Enjoy yourself. Indeed, the Madingley Hall breakfast looked delightful. I am sure Aaron is having a whale of a time. All well over here. Dibs didn’t wake me up this morning as well. He awaited my coming and letting him out at 6:15.


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