BOOM – OoO 7

Last night it was so beautiful we had a long walk on the beach before having our dinner outside.


We were mercilessly attacked by midges though! Poor Aaron has as always reacted and is covered in lumps and bumps.

In spite of his injuries we did some things today that 007 might be proud off.


We ate scrambled eggs and salmon for breakfast before venturing off on single lane roads to cross from Gairloch to the Isle of Skye. Once again the weather was kind to us and we have had a glorious day with remarkable views.


We are staying in the little coastal village where TALISKER Whisky is made so of course we did the tour.


So interesting and so amazing. We learned that the bottles made in 1979 sell for £3000 each.

Someone recently bought a full barrel of this quality spending £500000 in one visit. Seems though it was an investment for a special customer.

We are wondering was it perhaps James Bond himself on Her Majesty Secret Service!

Blessing -#415 – Sun, Sea and Spirit

3 Replies to “BOOM – OoO 7”

  1. Gillian,
    I hope you are enjoying your
    holiday in the UK.
    The Talisker is good , but if
    you have a chance try the


  2. WOW, WOW, Talisker and Lagavulin! So tempting, I had to and check in my little horde. Guess, what I found – a half-empty or say, a half-full bottle of a 16-year cask-matured bottle of Lagavulin, bought in Connecticut, and it travelled to China, and then back to Switzerland, France and to Ohio. Some travel saga, but I will wait for your return home before trying it out. The other, an unopened bottle of 16-year cask matured, double-distilled Distillers Collection Lagavulin, bottled in 2010. Wonder, what this would fetch, if it were to be auctioned! Sorry about Aaron being covered in insect bites, but tell him theScottish Salmon breakfast will compensate for the bites. Enjoy yourselves, folks. Love you and miss you. K.A.


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