BOOM – OoO 8


Skye is a place of great beauty and we enjoyed our stay so much. We were lucky the sun was shining throughout but as our B&B owner said the rain makes the grass green!


As we journeyed south we dodged some showers down the Great Glen past Ben Nevis and into Glencoe.  We made good time stopping only to get Aaron some medicine for his midge bites.


They had grown even bigger overnight and his arms and legs are covered so he is now on oral antihistamines and a steroid cream.

What stood out was the vast expanse of mountains and of forest along the way. There are fir trees of every possible shape and form and they are submerged in a sea of huge lush ferns.

Maybe it was that trip to Loch Ness but it would be so easy to imagine huge dinosaurs plodding round the corner. There is something very primeval about the area.


We’re back from the top of the mountain now settled in for an evening by the shores of Loch Lomond in the cute village of Dryman where it must have poured before we arrived and that funnily enough seems to have as many pubs as people!

Blessing # 416 – Ferns and Firs

3 Replies to “BOOM – OoO 8”

  1. How does it go? Green, green is my valley, … Indeed, lovely region of hills and dales. Just take it all in and enjoy. Here after a 5-10 min. Light passing shower last night, the forecast is bright and sunny and warm to hot and sweltering weather for he next 7 days. Stay safe and trust the antihistamines are helping our dear boy.


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