BOOM- OoO 20


Aaron sipped a little of the Liffey last night as the sunset on our long and great vacation.


Now it is travel home day! Well maybe not all the way if UNITED is to believed!


Seems Chicago is going to be hit by a major inundation but what to do but plod on prepared with the galoshes they recommend. Ironic that we dodged the rain so we’ll for the rest of our trip only to get it on our return!


The day got off to a good start though. We had decided to take the coach to the airport as it was just beside where we were staying. We’d all our change sorted out to pay and were standing waiting at the stop when taxi driver of a certain age pulled up and told us to hop in and he’d take us for the coach fare. So we did and he did as he promised too. I wonder did he feel sorry for me? He made a point of telling me he was playing sixties music as though it was just for me!

At the USA security we also got some special treatment. We were pulled aside for a full scale check as new staff were being trained. We had all the works including the total pat down and the explosive check but the result was we got through security and immigration at lightening speed!


Now we are first at the gate for our flight so have had our Brekkie at leisure. Aaron opted for a fajita while I had my last taste of a real KitKat for a while!

Alas the last treat of the day as the flight is full so no upgrades for us!

Blessing # 427 – Life’s Little Lifts

2 Replies to “BOOM- OoO 20”

  1. Can’t wait to see you guys – that’s me Dibs talking to you, not Daddy. He is working away, doing the laundry and vacuuming the kitchen and hall – gosh, what a racket, and now he is mopping the floor. I am watching it all just to make sure he does everything right. Anyway, welcome home. It’s too quiet without you, noisy people.


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