BOOM- OoO 12

Cardiff was easy to reach today and did not disappoint. Can’t help asking when we visit these places why we didn’t do so before.

With a huge and very beautiful castle as the central feature the city is easy to get around and has just about everything a city would love.

There is a great sports stadium which was the big draw for Aaron. He loves rugby and the stadium is one of the biggest and best of its kind.


There is also a top class art and natural history museum that we both enjoyed. We saw portraits of Queens like Henry VIII first wife Catherine of Aragon who lived in Wales with her first husband Prince Arthur.

Modern artist are well covered even some Welsh celebrities are there too including the universally famous Tom Jones.


There is also the bay and port and a beautiful little suburb called Penarth with beaches for family fun where not so long ago you might have met a hairy mammoth!

Tomorrow we head towards London Heathrow Airport to fly to Belfast the most familiar spot for us in all of the UK. We aren’t sure though when we’ll make it to the Emerald Isle as British airways staff are planning a strike!

If we can’t fly we’ll have to find an inn or a palace or a tower because this mama ain’t driving no more!

Blessing # 420 – Capital Castles!

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