BOOM- OoO 13


They say 13 is lucky for some and so it was for us today.

We left Cardiff on the dot of eight to be sure to get to London Heathrow Airport to drop our hire car off before twelve. Never knowing what road works or traffic jams we might encounter we gave ourselves much more time than needed. We didn’t hit a single snag and had returned the hire car by 10:30.

Our flight to Belfast was scheduled for five in the afternoon. A long wait ahead? Well no! British Airways came through and were so very good to us.


They told us the earlier flight was full but to check with customer service at twelve o’clock to see if we could get on.

At customer services they couldn’t have been better, they didn’t question our tickets being the very cheapest you could find and got us two standbys.

We ran to the gate and quick as a flash we had our boarding cards. Better still we were boarded immediately and had much better seats than originally planned.


So surprise surprise rather than a cancellation as we first feared yesterday we had a much better outcome and got to Belfast five hours ahead of schedule!

Blessing # 421 – Early Arrivals

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