BOOM – OoO 14


Heavy showers throughout the day forced us to find our fun indoors.

We kicked off with a Belfast tradition for us the all American ten pin bowling. We started this with Auntie Carol when Aaron was just a little lad and as always we had lots of laughs!

The Titanic Studios where the famous Game of Thrones was filmed had an exhibition on all the costumes and props. It was fantastic!

We turned ourselves into hero’s and villains and we took ourselves very seriously when we sat on the throne!


Next up we took Aaron to the City Hall to see where Mum and Auntie Carol grace the walls of the permanent exhibition.

He was suitably impressed by this but better still we were able to pinpoint where both his great grandfathers had signed the COVENANT. This historic time in Ireland took place in 1912 when people committed and made their pledge to the Union.

How ironic that history is repeating itself once more as the debate about Borders has once again resurfaced with Brexit!


Unlike GOT this seems destined to be a tale that will never end! Unless of course you have a birds eye view on the future!

Blessing # 422 – Legends!

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