BOOM – OoO 15



When we come home to NI there are two  family members we always make sure we see that’s  Aunt Helen and Cousin Yvonne.

We keep in touch regularly by phone and email but nothing beats seeing each other face to face and having a big hug.

They are the Golden threads that connect us with the Gibsons and because of them we always feel the ties to our roots. My Mom played this role too in the past with many family members abroad. There are some people so gifted in holding all parts of the clan together. We owe them sincere thanks.

Today we went out for lunch together and got all the latest news. It’s such a great feeling to know that some things are timeless like the love we have for each other.

Tomorrow we have a much bigger family get together with my cousins that Aaron has never met and I haven’t seen for fifty years.

It will be an event of a lifetime uniting us across continents and we look forward to it so much.

Blessing # 422 – Catching Up

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