BOOM- OoO 16


There are some things you wouldn’t miss for the world. The eightieth birthday of cousin Agnes was one of these occasions.

The day kicked off with an invitation to lunch with John, Norman and Yvonne before heading off for the party.

Family gathered from as far afield as New Zealand. Some of us hadn’t seen each other in 53 years! Some have never met!

Thanks to Facebook many of us are in touch so we aren’t like strangers but nothing beats a real Face to Face!


Meeting your family playmates and hearing those familiar voices that you haven’t heard for a while is such a great joy.


The setting for the party was a beautiful house set in the majestic Mountains of Mourne. The day could not have been more perfect. Blue skies and a gentle breeze.


There was enough food to feed an army and more cake than Marie Antoinette could ever have imagined the Piece de la Resistance being a birthday cake fit for a queen.


Aaron was in his element meeting so many people and has decided he wants to move back to the homeland.

We are so thankful to Anne and Joyce who organized this great day that will live in our memories for ever.


Now it’s time for bed because like sweet little Poppy who traveled all the way from England for the celebration we are pooped!

Blessing # 423 – Reunited

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