BOOM- OoO 17


You can live for ever in a city and not see the places visitors see. There is always the excuse that we’ll do that another time.


Having grown up in Belfast and visited several times a year since leaving the province in 1984 today was the first time I’ve ever visited Stormont the seat of Northern Ireland’s government.


Phyllis our host had been several times and booked for us to take a tour today and have lunch in the Members dining room.

Built at the time of the partition of Ireland the building is in the neo classical style we’d seen it from a distance many times. Today we got up close and personal and discovered how beautiful it is inside as well as out.

There is so much to discover including a chandelier « borrowed» from the Royal Family that was gifted to them by Kaiser Willhem of Germany no less!

We went to both the upper and lower house, sat in the seats of Members of Parliament and of course dined like the Lords and Ladies.


Alas the visit to the extensive gardens had to go in the Next Time We’ll Do It  list thanks to pouring rain. Always good to have something to look forward to.

Blessing # 424 – Tourists In Your Own Town

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