BOOM- OoO 18

Phyllis dropped us bright and early at the bus for Dublin. We left Belfast on the dot of 8:35 wearing our gear for the game and were in Dublin by 10:30.

We had the pick of seats as we were among the first to arrive. We choose the very front seat on the top deck for the best view.

I banged my head getting into it and now have a duck egg of a bump right on the top of my cranium! I’ve told Aaron if I pass out he has to tell the medics I’m concussed!

There was a minor monsoon on the way and we were not optimistic about the weather for the day ahead but miraculously once again the rain stopped and the sun came out as we got off the bus!

After dropping our bags at the Aparthotel ( a fancy name for Trinity College halls of residence) we DARTed to the AVIVA stadium and got our tickets for the Ireland versus Italy rugby match.

This was our first international game and our first time at AVIVA. As we were there two hours before the kick off we saw the teams arriving and could join the green army cheering them in.

We had great seats behind the goal at the top of the stadium and enjoyed Ireland’s win very much.

The stadium holds 51000 and was about three quarters full. As we left we got separated on the stairs.

After ten minutes panic the only thing that seemed logical to me was to head back to the DART train and wait.

We have no internet coverage on our USA phones unless we are in a WiFi zone. Add to this my phone was down to 15% battery and I don’t know how low Aarons was.

It took us a good half hour to find each other. Lesson learned. Stick like glue in crowds.

Now we are taking it easy. Feet up in the shared living space as the dorm is lovely but a little compact!

A good taste of things to come for Aaron just hope his college housing will be as smart and comfortable as this! Maybe he should try for Trinity!

Blessing # 425 –  Lost is Found

One Reply to “BOOM- OoO 18”

  1. Thanks to GOD you found each other. Did I get it? Did you say Ireland won the game? What was the score? Anyway, I am just going to try to call and speak to you. And enjoy Dublin if I can’t reach you, and safe flight on Monday. Dibs is fine though he had a mishap last night – you guessed right! Well, he had to do it once at least! Au revoke!


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