There’s a shared kitchen in the place we’re staying but who wants to cook? We found a cosy little cafe and had a BIG Irish Brekkie.


The walking began at 10:30 and has only just ended. We have covered some ground! 17000 steps to be precise aka six miles so the old feet need a rest before heading out for our last supper!

All the major city center Dublin attractions were covered and some shopping too.

We hit Trinity College first but many others beat us to it and the line for the Book of Kells so we decided to do other things first.


We headed up Grafton Street to Saint Stephens Green then down to The Castle across to Temple Bar and back to Trinity where the line had shrunk to a tolerable length.

The short wait was well worth it and we were suitable impressed with the magnificence of Ireland’s greatest treasure and one of the oldest books in the world.

We loved the Long library too and all the other treasures it houses including the declaration of Irish Independence and the so called harp of the old king of Ireland Brian Boru.

All we need now is a Guinness. We won’t make the brewery tour but we couldn’t leave the home of the black magic without a sip of the original potion could we?

Blessing #426 – Thirsty Tired Toes (good name for a leprechaun 🍀)

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