Being a bit of a royalist the first thing QQ brought to mind was Queens Quarters. We recently saw a few of these on our tour of the UK and there is no doubt her majesty could offer a decent bed and breakfast.

Seems from what you read the Royal households are quite frugal. Think most of us could maybe manage a stay for a night or two!


Aaron tells me QQ is also hotel speak for Queen Queen. In other words a room with two double beds. QQs are gigantic yet quite common in the USA making travelling as a family very comfortable. If your alone though it can feel far from cosy having such a vast expanse of bed!

Yesterday the most relevant QQ for us was getting a Quick Quote for the repair of the car. The first one puts us on the borderline of it being written off so an assessment will now be done by the insurance company themselves.


All this is but a drop in the ocean compared to what some people are dealing with in their lives. It just underlines how rarely a problem has come my way and how very fortunate I’ve been.

Just have to apply the text speak QQ then and Quit Crying.

Blessing # 429 – Putting Perspective




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