When we live in China between 2001 and 2004 we were entitled to two periods of RR each year in addition to our home leave.

We were living in a luxury apartment in a beautiful gated complex so you might wonder was this Rest and Recovery really necessary. The place we lived was like a resort!

Original the policy had been put in place for the first expats in the market who were the Pioneers in the 1980s out in remote areas building factories when it was a very different China than the one we experienced.


It was needed though as we left our complex each and every day. It was much appreciated though and provided a respite and recharge of the batteries from the hectic life, congestion and pollution of the metropolis.

Everything felt brighter and better when we returned and our Respiration Rate was definitely improved. That’s kinda how I feel today.


The insurance adjuster has been this morning and given us the green light to go ahead and get our car repaired.

We have a date at the body shop for August 27 and the insurance is going to cover hire car rental while the car is getting it’s facelift.


There are not enough good words to express how gracious Encompass our insurers have been. They just could not have been better.


Let’s just call them the Rolls Royce of  care and compassion!

Blessing # 430– Breathing Easier

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